An Open Letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Boris, thanks for all you've done,
  What happens next now that you've won?
It seems to me, and others too,
  That you don't have a bloody clue.
  The other members of the bloc,
All think that we're a laughing stock:
  The pound's collapsed; the PM's gone;
The FTSE's crashed; the list goes on.

The European treasure trove,
  That you, Farage and Michael Gove,
Had promised to the NHS,
  Did not exist, you now confess.
  You said that we’d be better off -
You self-promoting, pompous toff -
  A victory for the working class,
“Take back control”. Control, my arse!

If you were right and I were wrong,
  I’d gladly sing a different song,
But prospects of a buoyant Brexit,
  Tend towards the anorexic.
  So now you've had your referendum,
I’ll suggest one small addendum:
  Pack your bags and don't look back,
You lying, two-faced, Tory hack.





Whilst campaigning for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, Boris  Johnson teamed up with his Conservative Party colleague, Michael Gove and MEP Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party in a campaign fueled by fear, ignorance and filled with misinformation about the UK's contributions to the EU and the benefits of membership.  Despite this misinformation, the "Leave" campaign won but they didn't have a plan of what should happen next.

29 June 2016