A second Open Letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Boris, now you’re on your own,
  No-one answers when you phone -
Michael Gove, your fellow hack,
  Has stabbed you squarely in the back.
  Your party turned its back on you,
A sky-high, solid wall of blue.
  ‘Divide and conquer’, what a plan!
You self-important, selfish man.

Now here they come with bullets humming,
  Surely you foresaw this coming;
Perhaps your frightful friend, Farage,
  Can shelter you from their barrage.
  We all know that you lack finesse,
But what a bloody Eton Mess!
  I wonder who might stop this rot;
Theresa May, but you may not.





On 30 June 2016, Michael Gove withdrew his support for Boris Johnson forcing Boris to withdraw from the Conservative Party Leadership race.

30 June 2016