An Open Letter to Michael Gove

Dear Michael, that’s some power play,
  You showed your colours yesterday.
You sang a very different song,
  As though you'd planned this all along.
  The knives were well and truly out,
It wasn’t just the Brussels sprouts,
  To whom you bade a rude adieu,
And it was BoJo’s time to go.

Who would have thought you'd be so snide,
  With Rupert Murdoch by your side?!
No doubt he'll tell his readership,
  That you deserve the leadership.
  But after all you’ve said and done,
What is it that you think you’ve won?
  With all your lies and doublethink,
You’ve brought our country to the brink.

You've played your hand; you sold your soul,
  Securing your seditious goal,
And proved with each deceptive deed,
  You’re born to lie, not born to lead.
  But Rupert is a fickle friend,
Tread carefully for in the end,
  All the finest bodyguards,
Won't help you in your House of Cards.





Following Michael Gove's announcement that he would not support Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and would instead enter the leadership contest himself, with the Backing of Rupert Murdoch's News UK and Paul Dacre's Daily Mail.]

01 July 2016