An Open Letter to Theresa May

Dear Theresa, help us please,
  You face a country on its knees.
There's deep division in our land;
  We need a sure and stedfast hand.
  For with his latest cunning stunt,
He's proved that he's a crafty runt,
  I fear that now we've sussed his plan,
It's clear that we can't trust this man.

Now Michael Gove and Sarah Vine,
  Have crossed a vile, licentious line,
They've made their bed with nasty men,
  Whose might is wielded by the pen.
  So heed – whatever else you do –
The slings and arrows trained on you,
  By those who'd rather see you lose:
The Sun; The Times; their friend, Sky News.

And watch your back and mark my words,
  Don't give those slimy little turds,
The ammunition that they seek,
  To make you crack or make you weak.
  So keep your cool and keep your code,
Forget the Faustian little toad,
  And prove to us what you can do,
The nation now depends on you.





Following the UK's Brexit vote to leave the European Union, Theresa May seemed to be the safest pair of hands to lead the Conservative Party and the government...  Little did I know.

02 July 2016