An second Open Letter to Theresa May

Dear Mrs May, that's some day one,
  I can't believe what you've just done.
Why on earth you went and chose,
  That ship of fools, God only knows!
  That bumbling, bloody bygone Mayor,
Lives on a wing and on a prayer;
  I'm altogether lost for words.
Of all the useless bloody turds!

Boris is a hapless cunt;
  And you've kept that knob-end, Hunt;
I wish that were the worst of it,
  But Lord Almighty, holy shit!
  There's Liam Fox - that scrotal itch;
And Leadsom too - the lying bitch.
  It's lunacy, no ifs, no buts,
Are you completely fucking nuts?

If only this were all a dream,
  That they weren't really on your team,
But when I rub my eyes I see,
  The awful, grim reality.
  I once held you high regard,
But now I'm prepping your petard.
  You've got the whole wide world perplexed,
I dread to think what happens next.





After seeming like a safe pair of hands to lead the nation following the UK's referendum to leave the European Union, within ninety minutes of being appointed Prime Minister, Theresa May showed her true colours when she appointed her new cabinet, and it turns out that colour is brown.

14 July 2016