An Open Letter to Tony Blair

Dear Tony, you don’t look so good,
  You seem unnerved, and so you should,
Sir John makes a compelling case,
  That you’re a downright, damn disgrace.
  I’d hang my head if I were you,
If half of what he says is true,
  But still you try to clear your name;
Do you not have an ounce of shame?

The verdict stated suicide,
  When Doctor David Kelly died.
Did he know things he shouldn’t know?
  Perhaps that's why he had to go.
  Your mind was made up all along;
And though it’s clear that you were wrong,
  You didn't let that trouble you,
And got in bed with W. -

You said it was your last resort,
  But that’s at odds with this report -
And then, you sanctimonious scum,
  You bombed Iraq to kingdom come.
  A hundred thousand lost their lives -
A multitude of widowed wives;
  Parents, children, young and old -
Because of all the lies you told.

You flouted international law,
  In waging your illegal war,
And after all those lives you took,
  You tried to flog your bloody book.
  You claim that you're a man of faith,
Haunted by his mournful wraith;
  I hope you’ll pay for all your crimes,
At least a hundred thousand times.



After seven years, Sir John Chilcot published his report on the Iraq Inquiry, in which he gives his damning verdict of Tony Blair's decision to lead Britain into an illegal war after sending George W. Bush a memo stating 'I will be with you, whatever.'

06 July 2016