Erdoğan and Merkel

Explicit Content

Thanks to Merkel's yellow belly,
  Some poor sod from off the telly,
Faces a judicial brunt,
  For jokes about some Turkish cunt.

  Well shove this law of which he speaks,
Far up between his hairy cheeks,
  And when he's had enough of that,
Up Merkel's fat Teutonic twat.



Jan Böhmermann is a German satirist and television presenter who faces trial in Germany for insulting Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan using profane language on his TV show Neo Magazin Royale in March 2016.  Instead of standing up for Böhmermann's right to free speech, Angela Merkel instead agreed to Erdoğan's request for Jan Böhmermann to be prosecuted under an archane German law stating "In a constitutional democracy, weighing up personal rights against freedom of the press and freedom of expression is not a matter for governments, but for public prosecutors and courts,”.
In the spirit of, and in solidarity with, Jan Böhmermann Here is my take on the matter.

04 May 2016