A Poem for National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day,
  (In case you didn’t know it),
So clear your throat and have your say:
  Recite your favourite poet.
  Byron, Shelly, Blake or Yeats;
Wordsworth, Wilde or Donne;
  Kipling, Hardy, Burns or Keats,
The list goes on and on.

Since I was just a little boy,
  Their words evoked such feeling -
Sometimes sorrow, sometimes joy;
  They always leave me reeling.
  They have such great abilities,
and go to such great lengths,
  to highlight our fragilities;
or underline our strengths.

I’ve read verse throughout the years
  By poets through the ages.
I’ve laughed out loud; I’ve watched my tears
  fall softly on the pages.
  Today is National Poetry Day,
That much I know is true,
  And I am not ashamed to say,
“I love the stuff,” don’t you?


I had the idea for this when Amanda posted a link to National Poetry Day, organised by the Forward Arts Foundation, on Facebook.

03 October 2014