The Pennycooks' Poem

We're gathered together on this wonderful day;
  To celebrate, feast, and be happy and gay!
I'm sure you're all equally elated as me,
  At the union of Mr. and the new Mrs P.,
  Some of us travelled the length of this land;
To see Sam standing here with Tat on his hand;
  It started in Thailand - two thousand and ten,
That Sammy swayed Tat to give up other men.

Those on the Groom's side who know him of old,
   Have a story or two that must e'er go untold.
Like the time that he... Hmmm, no really I shouldn't;
  Or the time that he thought that he could... but he couldn't.
  I do hope Tat knows what a handful you are,
(we both know she could've done better by far).
  It's not that Sam's ugly, or backward, or stupid,
But he wouldn't be here without help from Cupid.

Together forever they make a plum pair -
  Tatiana's fine figure; Sam's full head of hair;
Sam's rapier wit and Tat's stunning good looks:
  People, I give you the new Pennycooks.
  The proud pairs of parents both must be delighted;
It's obvious to me that Sam's getting excited.
  So without more ado, I shall hand back to Cliffy;
Before Smallhands's semi turns into a stiffy.


Simon (Cliffy) Clifford presided over the ceremony, during which the happy couple planted a plum tree and I read this poem, composed the morning of the wedding while driving to fetch audio cables because the DJ didn't turn up.

24 August 2014